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Feeling here
I am alone.
Waiting softly
For the phone;
Waiting for
Someone to call
Knowing that
No on will speak,
Is so weak,
They fall.

And no one
Comes inside
My feeling,
I hear shadows
On the ceiling,
They protect me
From the meaning
And the sounds
Of no one
For the reason
I am waiting,
For the phone
To start ringing.

Waiting here
For anything,
That will tell me
I am free.
I’m waiting for
My phone to ring.

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Comments (5)

I like your poem all the way down to the last line.Gees I can'nt belive the telemarketers don't call, I dont even know why I have a message machine thanks Cliff
So much longing and the constant repetition of waiting, waiting, waiting a perpetual reminder of it...
Cheer up Sandra and give me your phone number... H
Silence can be so deafing...and we always long for that call, that one call, from a friend, from long ago, to reasure us, that we are still loved.. Great Poem, Sandra Warm regards, Theodora Onken
The golden silence is broken by a ring, ring, ding a ling, silence is golden With a warmth allan