Neath the dark sky I wait,
In the cold winter air.
Here I have sat for many an hour,
Waiting for you.

You promised me you would come,
I know you wouldn’t lie.
So here I shall wait,
Neath the cold dark sky

My lips have turned blue,
I can’t feel my feet,
But a promise is a promise,
And a promise you keep.

‘Tis nearly morning,
And still you’re not here.
I will rest my back against this tree,
And wait a while longer.

The morning is here,
But you are not,
You broke your promise,
You broke my heart.

I hope that one day this way you pass,
For I will be here waiting,
You will soon see,
Just how much you meant to me.

Here is shall sit forever more,
My back against the tree,
I froze to death waiting for you,
While you forgot about me.

by Hanna Collins

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well writen poem, The things we do when someone promices us something. We all sit and wait.