Suicide Sweet Suicide

Suicide sweet suicide, I yearn to be near,
Yearn to be with you, but I dont out of fear,
Suicide sweet suicide, always on my mind,
Body cold and stiff, now my pain I've left behind,
Oh sweet suicide, please take me away,
R.I.P. to me, too bad I couldn't stay,
But the hurt was too much, tears I always weep,
Blade drags across my skin, this time I'm cutting deep,
Deep, deep, deeper....deeper, than ever before,
Oh sweet suicide, don't make me suffer anymore,
Suicide sweet suicide, I'm escaping all of the harm,
And giving myself to you, so please accept me with open arms,

by niakeva thomas

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Perfect choice of words to end with, Aisha... it is unkind to make someone wait unnecessarily. Good write!