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I waited a long time, and then I was born.
Then waited for clothes, my brother had worn.
All through my childhood, come early or late
For one reason or other, I just had to wait.
I waited to grow, and learn about life.
Then waited again to find me a wife.
Our first child was born, I waited again.
He arrived two weeks late; I just couldn't win.
I've lived a full life, and now I am old.
My summers too hot, my winters too cold.
My body grows weary, my mind grows dim.
I'm waiting for God to come take me in.
He came last night about half past eight.
And left me standing at the Pearly Gate.
But, alas, the gates are closed for the day.
Be patient, old man, and don't go away.
Tomorrow morning we open at eight.
Sorry, my friend, you'll just have to wait.

by Hobert F. Herpin

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