I’m here and then the space begins to end
The clock ticking closing me up
The pride I had I lost
I’m waiting here to just simply begin
My life is but a moment we you add time up
The world was spinning I just slept
My dreams fading my heart aching
I knew I was looking for something
But I never what it was until the day I met him
I’ve always hated being here alone
I never wanted to believe that money was everything
I never wanted to feel like the stress was eating at me
So I avoided everything
My breaths where of the simplest kind
My smile was real dry
My laugh was real vague
And I always lied, I always lied, I lied.
I wrote a letter that explained everything I hate
I wrote a letter that explained why life was a waste
I killed every bit of happiness I had
I waited for the right moment but, my life had passed
I sit alone with all my friends
Then I look around and I’m alone?
I waited for the right person to come in
I waited to hear my name called by death
And then I heard it near the end
A deep hollow voice asked why I never tried
And I simply waited and gave no reply
The voice began again
It said why you lie to everyone including yourself
I replied my lies are just so I deep even I believe them
Then I waited
He asked what I was waiting for and said please hold on just a little more
You see I figured that there must be something to life that I missed
Then my heart began to beat real fast
The my hands began to shake real bad
I wanted to laugh and cry
I wanted to breathe and die
I wanted everything
I was waiting for the moment to just pass
But my life had just passed.

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