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eversince i was a kid, i always felt i am waiting
for what..i don't know, i just keep on dreaming

whenever something goes wrong, i say it's a purifier
i just felt i meant to be and nothing takes me down

i used to think it's coming soon, no idea what is it
all i know it's coming, and i never got bored to wait

now i feel old and i dream less
but i still wait for the unknown, i have to confess

priorites changed, hopes and dreams are less centered
new things emerged but the full shape of what i wait for never renders

sometimes i feel it's death, sometimes i feel it's eternal happiness
but then i say how i can be sane while waiting for death
this must be absloute madness

every scene in my life has an extension
every person has a different story and complexion

am i trying to keep myself from confessing failure
am i trying to hide the truth that i didn't try earlier
am i dreaming to escape from reality
am i running away from insanity

i still wait, and my dream is fading
but no matter what..i think i keep on waiting

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Great! Write more. :)