RH (Northampton / Northampton General Hospital)


Im in a place i dont belong, A place where hope runs free
Listening for your footsteps walking the miles i ve walked,
Your eyes seeing the things ive seen,
Coming to find me, Coming because you want me,
Coming because you care.
My hand crunches the white silk that lies before me,
Stained with these darkened tears ive been crying since the sun set,
Im here, and i shouldnt be, but i am,
And im surrounded;
Little flames of belief, love and compulsary desperation.
Suddenly i dont feel so isolated anymore.
But i still dont belong. Im letting down my defenses,
And i shouldnt be, so i stop. And focus,
Blinded by the light. Overwhelmed by the devotion people feel
For a certain amount of dettatchment.

Im still waiting in silence, and thats the problem, slience.
No cries of love, no hurried steps as you see me here,
Lost and broken. No, Nothing.
And ive done it again, hoped. I need to stop, but i cant.
I used to need you... But not now. No. Now i dont.
I dont want you, i dont need you, i dont love you. i hate you,
and still im waiting... why? Tell me! let me know! Explain this,
When you arrive.

Slowly the flames extinguish, and gradually im left alone,
A quivering wreck, kneeling at the altar, Waiting,
In a place i dont belong, for you...

... But you never come.

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