Waiting Alone

Alone, I never dreamth I'd be,
these tears I never knew would
flow so free. Waiting, the greatest
pain of all, with each day my heart
further falls.

No happy songs play against my
mind, no happiness in being
alone all the time. Need a love to
hold close to me, need tender
hands to touch upon me.

Longing for whispers so soft upon
my skin, needing my life of love
to begin. Alone, so tragic as
it takes control of me, nothing
but lonely wishes washed out
to sea.

I cannot be alone, living in
silence, no heart of my own. This
pain to much to bear, breaking
down my spirits, no love here
to share.

I want to give my love each and
every day, want to share life in
every way. Want a hand to hold,
want to search eyes, want to
look deep into one's soul.

Alone I cannot be, to much pain,
through these tears I cannot
see. Nights spent alone, lying in
bed wishing for someone,
someone to give my love to,
waiting for the sun to break through.

Hopes, fading more each day,
dreams, even they seem to be
drifting away. Time, slowly passing
as the heataches build, feelings of
emptiness from my heart being spilled.

Waiting, the greatest pain of all,
with each day, my heart further falls,
as so many tears I cry, with time, my
heart slowly dies......

by Ruth warren

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Wow. A very moving poem, Ruth. Made me cry.