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Waiting Candles

She is sitting, slumped with fatigue.
The candles in the window burned low.
The lights on, lighting your path –
But where are you?

She has waited hours, stretched to eons,
Waiting for your step upon the porch.
She will not sleep or eat until you come.
So where are you?

Her eyes are heavy with the endless waiting.
But she replaces burnt out candles faithfully,
Hoping to greet you with the warmth of Home.
And where are you?

Don’t leave her waiting any longer,
Her heart weak with beating nervously.
Come home to the warm and burning candles.
Where are you?

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Beautiful poem...reminds me of times long ago, when a wife would leave a candle burning in the window, waiting for her love to return from wherever they had ventured (be it sea or war) . Nice. Hugs, Dee
Loved the title and also the poem! ! Preets