Die Of Cancer, Die His Dancer?

It was clear in his eyes,
As we spoke our goodbyes,
He didn't wish to do this,
He wanted to help me beat this,
But I stuck to reality,
Going with all my dignity,
He brought me here,
I don't feel fear,
Quite strange,
I gave him a big change,
It wasn't his wish,
Not for it to be like this,
He wanted treatment for me,
I told him it wasn't meant to be,
God gave me this fatal disease,
And I should take death with ease,
So he brought me to this place,
So I can say goodbye with a smile on my face,
He loves me I can see,
He loves me for me,
Me and this cancer,
He fell for me the dancer,
Even though now I no longer profesionally dance,
He never let's up on a chance,
So with only minutes to spare,
He wanted to show me that he really does care,
He toke me into his arms,
His fingers stroking my palms,
We danced one last time,
I knew he would always be mine,
I could feel myself slipping,
Feelings his hands gripping,
Tight around my limp body,
I knew he was like no one else or anybody,
He loved me so very much,
And I loved him just as much,
But I could feel me floating away,
As I heard him say,
I love you so much it hurts,
I lifted up to heaven thinking about his last words.

by Jodie Louise Pollock

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Wow girl i totally love the poem.It is totally wonderful.I love how you say 'i shade my last tear, and i am putting my life into rearrange'Because we definately cant let some stupid guys make us fall apart.I love your poem totally.cheers Phumudzo