EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Waiting For A Change.

Why aren't you like my dreams?
i never thought that reality isn't the same.
I'm filled with scares and seams,
over your love i die daily and in your name.
What is it with you and heart breaks,
and why am i the fool to love you always?
Even your heart doesn't give but takes,
all is good about me through the days.
But i feel like you'll change some how,
but i waited for the change a life time.
I gave you all i could give and now,
i have nothing in my hands by the time.
Like i loved you so much with no return,
thinking you must feel the same for me.
But i had to wake up to a lesson i learned,
never give my love to who doen't worth me.
I knew still that my heart waits for,
your change into a just one.
But your sickness has no cure,
and my hope is gone.
I shade my last tear,
and i'm putting my life into rearrange.
But i find my soul with a fear,
waiting despairdly for your change...

by Eman Awad

Comments (1)

Wow girl i totally love the poem.It is totally wonderful.I love how you say 'i shade my last tear, and i am putting my life into rearrange'Because we definately cant let some stupid guys make us fall apart.I love your poem totally.cheers Phumudzo