VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Waiting For A Friend

Sat here alone on the steps, outside of the all too familiar
There’s nothing pressing me, so may just hang until later
Got a cushion in mind, of a song once thought and unsung
Relaxed when the closing days bell, has all but been rung

Got it all up here now, last thing she said and what he felt
Hold no grudge, cos I need love, as much as it needs to be spelt
Watching the sun dipping, on the horizon through the window
Seems I’ve done as much as I can, for problems are now below

So, nothing else to do and the daily chores are through, for now
I am exhausted, from the day and I wipe sweat, from my brow
Kept in comfort, as I am surrounded by things I find beautiful
Simple rhymes come to mind, teasing the right side of wonderful

As a smile creeps from my under skin, a surface face I never hide
For here is a time and place, when a shoulder is for others, to reside
Can’t seem to be finding the words, so I will live with the melody
Not much doing right now, just found ways, to work out the melancholy

The middle ground has me caught, but I don’t feel any restriction
Just sometimes nice to feel the mellow side of life’s constrictions
Satisfied inside, when the aesthetic translations, reap their rewards
And onto another night, after the sunset, the following day onwards

This, my perspective, it kicks my ass some days, keeping this inside
I wait here for a friend, so I can share my words, someone to confide
When this life, all seems but so perfectly balanced, and in order again
Things that slip just into place, and the last thing on my mind, is pain

Reminisce on the day’s words and laughter, something real is here
I think of a song, for every working man and woman who feel, fear
No matter where the hell it is, you’re always far from alone there
The great endeavours we achieve, knowing we’re gonna walk on air

The sun finally sets and the northern star blinks, into evenings preview
Time to get up and move again, don’t know where, guess fate will review
Not much asked of me, in a moment I really liked, but time moves on
How easy it is to accept the simplicity, of a passing moment now gone

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