Waiting For A Lullaby

They met in net, lived in chat café.
fantasized long hours until dawn surfed in,
through world wide windows of Microchip.
One day they became software couple.

Clicked (cliqued) by cyber fantasy,
Marriage, children, hubby, and wife,
all turned into virtual reality show.
Fat pay packets inflated their laptop drives.

Once mad rush ended in dryness of reality.
“IT” babies cried calling in attention.
By then had they turned into slippery cliffs?
Inaccessible where only eagles dare.

In a web of illusions, they collided.
In ocean of delusions, they swam.
At last, in labyrinth of internet, they entangled.
Hackers busted net on one fine day like big bang.

In high tides, life splashed to different galaxies,
shattered waves smashed their bodies too to pulp.
Emotion filled blocks of black holes tumbled down.
From a distant constellation, do I hear a lullaby?

by Satheesan Rangorath

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'until dawn surfed in, ' on oceans of light wonderful wonderul sathyasai.org