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Waiting For A Master To Come Out Of A Paper
JPM Jason Paul Monlinong (May 7,1984 / Rosario, La Union, Philippines)

Waiting For A Master To Come Out Of A Paper

Should I wait longer than necessary?

What is that part of me that fears you?

Or what is it in you that should make me feel,


I had myself cradled by an angel, (or was that you?)

With the thought that my hungering

For love would be filled, but ALAS

There is no satisfaction in a newfound slavery.

If you start to grow wounds on me,

Would you have shown your beauty?

Or rather, would you have revealed,

An ugly face, that is actually my hidden one.

Should you plant seeds of rebellion in my HEART,

Lungs, all of my veins, DURA MATTER of my brain

Even my ISLETS of LANGERHANS and all parts

of my whole body, would they FAIL me?

ALAS, you are their MASTER now.

And in that, I am yours to crush as you wish.

You have the power to make me roll over in pain

Years, or months, from now while I hold you in a paper.

Should I really wait longer than necessary?

Deathly master, manifest in me…

In my wounds, in my eyes, in my misery.

And not in the words POSITIVE.

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