HMB ( / Chicago Illinois)

Waiting For Angels

She talked to the angels in the sky
I could not see them, I know not why.
An innocent girl, left to die
Surviving broken promises, fighting for life
Having uncaring parents, living in strife.
They brought destruction and peril into a child's world.
Living amidst tears and fears and sins untold

Waking up from darkness in a hospital bed.
Prayers keeping her alive as she comes back from the dead.
Unable to move her hands and barely her head
Her joy is the angels that surround her way.
I cannot see them, but I am sure they will stay.
When her life is dreary, they brighten her day
A true story that makes me want to cry
About a sweet innocent girl left to die.
A girl waiting to go with the angels in the sky
And to walk with God and say goodbye.

by Howard Michael Bricker

Comments (2)

This poem is dedicated to my granddaughter who was involved in an automobile accident. As she lays bedridden, she says she talks with the angels. .Each time I read this this poem my heart aches with sadness.
This poem is dedicated to my granddaughter who was involved in a serious accident, found dead and resuccitated by paramedics. With prayers, she came out of the coma, but was paralyzed. She was 13 at the time and each year she gets progressively worse, Both parents abandoned her years ago. Her salvation is that she believes in angels.