(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Waiting For Hope

How do I teach a broken child who lost all she
treasured to reach for positive expectation, how
do I teach a spirit feeling unworthy and lacking
in well-being, to think thoughts of worthiness -

How do I teach a hurting child to stop resisting all
good things and to seek great ideas and entertain
new possibilities; how does a bleeding soul learn
to see opportunities - and how will Hope take up

Her abode in a smouldering soul full of pain and
despair, how does Hope find a way into the heart
of a crying child? The only act left is Love, loving
her, my broken child, showering her with LOVE

Waiting for Hope to bring light into the inner dark
where no spark of life is left…

[For Carine, waiting for Hope to come]

[13 January 2015]

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