Waiting For Love

Oh lord please list in all your ways,
A road to help me out.
I always count remaining days,
To take away the doubt.

The days to when she is all mine,
My love I’m on about.
I love her lord, she is so fine,
That's why I have to shout.

Oh why Oh why does it take long,
To be with her I ask.
I do not see What could be wrong,
Yet it seems to be a task.

It is so hard when she’s not here,
No cuddle comes my way.
I miss her so, I dropp a tear,
I’m just waiting for the day.

When we don’t have to hide no more,
No sneaking here or there.
In front of us an open door,
It’s time to show we care.

So please great lord, please help us out,
I’m begging you this day.
Show us no fear, show us no doubt,
Please guide us on our way.

by Carl Johnson

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