Waiting For Manna?

GURU fell because of hunger, prostrate on an empty street for a long time,
A hungry mendicant passed by daydreaming-
-The sooner I'm dead the better 'n sooner I'm decayed, the sooner
I'm decayed the better 'n sooner I'm grass,
The sooner I'm grass the better 'n sooner grazed by cow,
The sooner grazed by cow the better 'n sooner that cow is killed by man-
-That's then I'm gonna eat like a man- the sooner.
Nearer to night- time devil came up to him, examined Guru and asked: ' waiting for Manna?
No, a good companion, answered GURU, devil disappeared... A boy ran up to him, brought along with him
His grandfather- together they took GURU to their home.


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