(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Waiting For Me [rev]

I've been so unhappy today reading about psychopaths;
the author claims the World is run by them & they don't
have a conscience or normal feelings - but they're calm
enough to make decisions, while we - when our hearts
are breaking - don't know what to do in a crisis…

It's another conspiracy theory: an elite group uses mass
media, television esp. to brainwash all into ignorance so
they can destroy the World at leisure - but wait a minute,
if elites enjoy power so much, how could they delight in
destroying it and the world of their own enjoyment?

After my sorrowful distress this thought is uplifting and
I decide to throw the World back into WWW hands of its
Internet gurus and read a children's book instead; I feel
my spirit reviving with dark clouds of depression lifting -
why need I read about sorrowful theories when there's

Always a beautiful world waiting for me out there - and
everyone else - to contribute to its discovery?

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A nice poem depicting a glamorous universe. Thanks for sharing. Sylva-Onyema Uba