Waiting For Rain

I love the rain,
The way it gracefully falls from the leaves,
To plop soundlessly on an unforgiving ground,
Soaking up the rain until it fades away.

by Candice Renae Williams Click to read full poem

Comments (9)

Sorrow, pain, and for a moment It gives you the belief of innocence again... Excellent writing. Rain within the human heart... poet extends the conventional conception poetically. Thanks.
Did you mean in line ten the FALLING of the rain instead of the FOLLOWING of the rain?
Nice work with the muse of the rain being part of nature.
Beautifully written. Loved the flow.
Good poem, but use there instead of their in L6
Unabated subtle lining of an eventful natural occurrence. Excellently crafted.
The importance and its recycling effects are wonderfully highlighted by the poet in this simple poem!
i like it, to the poiny but makes me feel good insie. im a sucker for rain..
no comment. I was being optimistic. I know I'll stop..^_^