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Waiting For Realisation
AR (05/01/1982 / )

Waiting For Realisation

Poem By Andrew Rose

You opened my eyes to all that was wrong in the world.
Love subdued for other people,
For an insistent want of an easier life,
This is a terrible thing.
Failing to follow what you felt was right at the time,
Due to the incessant forbearing of your family,
Is a failure of those without courage,
Those with no sense of conviction,
Allowing feelings to be dispersed like sand in the wind.

I thought you were everything to admire,
A strength that would consume me,
And keep me forever in your warm self.
While you hold your head up high,
Seeking in the undergrowth those that lay above you.
Remember who you are,
Remember the time when you were weaker that everyone else,
When you future was decided, not by you.

You’re now more less free than you ever were,
In effect you trapped yourself,
To a resigning within your control,
That you didn’t dare to challenge.
Through an unparalleled keenness for tormenting,
You set free life for a want of the chase and re-capture,
For the fear that this evokes…

I’m no longer scared.

Lurking in the long grass of emotions,
You sought your prey,
And poised into a position,
Callous, unhesitating, ready to strike,
When what you thought was me.

You weren’t hunting me though,
You’d circled around yourself and viewed the unprotected,
Unknowing this you engulfed your tail,
To allow this finite endlessness to occur.

You feed once more on yourself,
Like a snake in constant reduction,
By the process of eating its own tail,
In preservation of life,
In preparation for what must feel like an endless decay.

Your poisons don’t affect you,
So you get some respite from what others feel from you,
As you menacingly continue to devour.

With the end and beginning not yet in sight,
You slowly feed into oblivion.

In order to survive.

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