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Waiting For September

September I wait for you
you are the only month i need
you are the only one true
the only one that holds my peace

I wanna fall on your crisp leaves
and remember when I loved him
and smile and cry with joy
it was all so simple when i loved him

The smiles and laughter are here
haunting me with pain
Everything is lost I fear
until your autumn rain

I wanna smile for him and
hope he feels the same way
so if i run into him again
it'll be a pleasant day

since we ended our affair
with you our dear september
you are when it all began
and left the end to remember

A bittersweet 16 i turned
within your month of hellos and goodbyes
Some new things about love i learned
and new things about crisp blue skies

A seductful 17 I turn in the fall
as only you are by my side
waiting for the end of pain with september
I'm just along for the ride

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