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Waiting For Snow

Let’s see, fought the Wal-Mart crowd
bought milk, bread and eggs,
bought dog food, cat food, hamburger,
hot dogs, buns, mayonnaise, ravioli,
cheese, toilet paper, of course,
bought cigarettes and scotch, the staples.
Gotta have the staples.

Gassed up the truck and parked it at the end
of the driveway, way out of the way
of the monster snow plows, that can burry
a small house by just passing by.

Got out the snow shovel, brought in
the dogs, changed the litter box,
made dinner, fed the dogs and cleaned
the dishes.

Now, if the snow would just come,
I could rest.

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Comments (3)

Guess man doesn't rule the world. Funny and pertinent write, Sandra Rusty
Whimsical illustration of however clever man thinks he is in controlling environment, the weather dictates behaviour...seige mentality never far away.... flurries just started up again over here, thanks Sandra: -)
Yes we all need a rest, and what a way to get it Warm regards allan