Waiting For Sunrise

Thoughts, sprouting like grass,
Fast as wind, many in count,
Fill the canvas,
Canvas of mind!
Shadows, shadows of past,
Long and short, big and small,
Cover the paths of life,
Cool in itself, yet undesired for!
Words, lost in meaning,
No longer true, no longer worth,
I find I detest,
Though oft repeated!
Sounds hollow, curves upturned,
Mask of a well known clown,
Reason, meaning, I don’t find,
Yet laughing, a part of crowd!
I find before, dark tunnel, destiny,
The end, light or dead end!
To smile, to cry, in the –
Face of morrow, question unanswered,
I wait for the answer, as-
The dusk arrives, sun sets!
I wait, for the showering
-Of golden light,
To lead me on,
My shadow behind! !

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a shadow behind without sunlight...clown awake inside the darkened mind...good insightful write, Sreeja...my ten for you