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Waiting For The Day

Heaven is that place,
That place where you go when you’ve reach an end
Your end
And it’s now time for that new beginning.

The beginning is that time,
That time in which you are free
Like a child
And you never age, never grow old
There are no more worries or stress about life
This life,
So full of give and take,
Took you from me
And now I worry
And now I stress
And now I wonder if you are okay
In heaven

Tears swell up in my eyes every night
Losing all hope in my mind
This mind
That thinks, are you alright?
Do you remember me?
Am I alright?
Because I need you
Here with me,
To love me,
To kiss me gently,
To make everything right again

Every time it rains, I stare to the clouds
Hoping to see you in sight,
hoping that one day
Maybe this day,
You, mommy will simply fall,
From that perfect place, for you, called Heaven
to hold me in that perfect place, for me, that is your arms
And tell me…
That it’s alright
It’s alright, it’s okay and it’s not my fault,
Although I know it won't happen to this girl
I wait, and I believe, because
That will be the day that will bring me joy

Rain drops fall from heaven
Rain drops fall from my eyes 24/7

And I am still waiting.
And I will continue to wait.

I will wait for that day,
When I’m taken to that place
When I’ve reached the end
My end
To start my new beginning
That beginning
Where I can see you again,
Hold you again, talk to you again
And you will look at me, your daughter,
And I will look at you, my mother,
And you will say
Welcome, my child,
This is Heaven.

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i love this poem definitely i like how u can picture everyword in your head it has some similarities to me.