DEJ (19th June 1981 / Edmonton, Canada)

Waiting For The Tide Of Love

She returns again, looking for the sea,
looking, waiting, ever so patiently,
the tide of love slowly roles in,
with all its beauty and its sin.
Soothing warm water reaches her fingertips,
a taste of pure passion on her lips,
drenching her body as it comes ashore,
it whispers to her 'je suis l'amour'.
It kisses her breasts, and her eyes roll,
its lustful actions take their toll,
she bathes in the shallows where its safe to be,
and asks it to stay for eternity.

But the bright summers day,
soon fades away,
and the warm waters that took hold,
suddenly turn very cold.
Shes dragged out her depth, shaking with fright,
her cries for help echo in the night,
relentless waves come crashing down,
unable to swim she begins to drown.
Struggling for air and gasping for breath,
the fate that awaits her is far worse than death,
with a broken heart shes washed up ashore,
still searching for love, and craving it more.

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Comments (3)

The way you have composed this is so breath-taking. I believe this paticular poem will be one of my favorites. Thank you for being such a fantastic writer. Shelby Jasmin
Stunning composition, poignant piece woven with fine rhymes....Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful poem. I hope that the bright summer days will come again soon. Best Wishes Naseer