Waiting For The Worst

The light shade of grey in the sky
Seems so harmless and natural
And the pedestrians are
Sauntering and humming

Soon, a dropp or two lands
And splashes onto the soft hair of a
girl, a seven year-old

She tugs her mother’s sleeves
panicking ‘Mummy! It’s raining! ’
And her mother looks up at the grey
stretch, hints of impending (something)

Her mother heaves a sigh of relief,
Calls her poor daughter overly-scrupulous
And holding her by the wrist firmly
amble on blithely

Soon, a downpour reveals itself
and mercilessly flings raindrops rapidly
upon the unprepared people who
Scramble for shelter
And squeeze into every little corner
That they may not get caught


by Morphing Professor

Comments (1)

Even though I don't I write or particularly enjoy the free verse poetry, I deeply admire it and the people that write it because they are not conformed to a rhyming scheme and true freedom of expression is shown. I deeply applaud not just this work, but your others and I ask you to enjoy your freedom.