(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Waiting For Them To Come To Life

I agree with you.
What is recognized that 'should' happen,
At this hour...
Had been just as recognizable,
In those hours past.

And that 'urgency' has been smothered,
By a coating of denial.
Sautéed in BS.
And trimmed with a taste to bait delusions.

For the purposes to maintain our appetites,
Kept in sweetened ignorance.

It is recommended we establish patience,
For those hypnotized by incompetency.
And on all levels,
Allow a degrading that has taken place...
To consume any decency that is left.

Now we live in the midst of dwindling stages,
Of pretensions meant!
And waiting for them to come to life.
With the utmost expected tolerance.
Because we are who we say we are.
And not what it is that is reflected.

Since those images we refuse to accept.
And we bet against their existence.

Inspired by:
J.B Poet

'Thank you J.B Poet.
Keep your 'spirit' honest.
And your 'vision' fresh with expectation.'

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