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Waiting For You...
RJ (25-11-1983 / srikakulam)

Waiting For You...

Poem By rakesh jaddu

…and years go by waiting for you,
A lonely cry, a moist tear,
Is all the company I have here.

Amongst white lilies and roses red,
Were you entwined in nature’s bed.
Divine in sight, yet ever so present,
Your face glistened in the morning sun.

And as you walked or cruised instead,
Like a serpent curl ahead,
I watched your dazzling hair,
Playfully bounce off your shoulder’s breadth.

You were mine and only mine,
Yet you remained so far away.
Visible yet out of reach,
A game you wouldn’t cease to play.

…and years go by wasting away,
Lonely still with moist eyes,
But memory of you keeps me waiting here…

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Comments (4)

this is a very nice piece of a virtue of waiting and patience. So far, so good.Keepit up!
Lovely, sentimental piece that I enjoyed very much - keep it up.
Lovely tender romantic write, I think I know such a feelings quite well but there is some time in our life like this when we long and we love so deep even without this love close to us.
Beautiful and softly romantic!