WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Waiting For You

Waiting For You
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Friday, August 27,2010, @ 8: 50: 43 AM

In my days of solitude for melancholy interludes so rude
Imaginings once thought everlasting are now shades of grays for happier days
Thoughts once shared have now all disappeared
Hollowed now are memories from distant countries

Wavering in my mind of happier times so kind
Solis seeking words no longer speaking
These words in the vernacular once spectacular
Saying my goodbyes as my dreams dies

Joys once bountiful to love so beautiful
Filled with anger as days grow longer
My heart beats from stress while working with less
Yet still trying my best without rest

What more can I say to you for respect long overdue
My heart won't divest beating loudly in my chest
Seldom can I unwind for memories set in rewind
Life so unkind for that's how it's designed

Yellow walls now confined and the sun no longer shined
For the heart is blind and won't leave you behind
How long will it last as all hope fades fast
All roads incline from letters I no longer sign

Is it true that I still love you?
For you, I'm dumbfounded for my life ends when you're not around
Days go on forever for these ties won't sever
I'm so lost without you and I don't know what to do

These days I hate and only serve's to frustrate
Searching for an update so I wait
Ideas I review for hopes I try to rescue
Standing in a cue for life I renew

This line should I pursue a new?
Waiting for a breakthrough I make-do
Abused and always standing accused
It will only end and I will ascend when I'm in your arms again

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