SS (16/11/1987 / Kolkata)

Waiting For You.... (Trip Back To Sadness)

I'm waiting for you to return
Into my arms at century's turn

It irks me much to see you talk
For hours, with other friends of yours....
But still i love this pain, as it makes you smile,
Oh! that sweet smile of yours...

Huh! sweet pain poison
bittersweet reason
Imprisoned mind, dreaming to be free
I'm still waiting, for century's turn
There's nothing left to say..or to see....

by Saurabh Som

Comments (3) this is just like the saurabh i knew... its very good.....n touching..thumbs up :)
you have a touch of literary language fixing oxymorons and other figures of speech... enjoyed this one too
Sad to think that someone you love left you... or anyone of us! And few still awaits for that someone to return, it maybe painful but soothing too somehow. High marks.