Waiting For Your Arrival

My nights are filled with snow that bites
Thoughts of you tease and chase away sleep from mine eyes
My heart explodes with anxiety as it fails patience to keep
My soul grieves for your arrival to reap

I want to hold you to mine bosom
To kiss your soft luscious lips and touch your abundant bottom
Am craving to caress your salacious erect breasts
And spend the whole day with you in quality rest

You are the great rain the parched earth longs for
The glowing Angel coming to open my deliverance door
Day and night I wait for your arrival
That you may kill loneliness my brutal rival
For it has become a fierce madding jackal

Come my special Voluptuous
And cover me with your healing wings of passion
And drive away this tormenting dragon
Come cure me with your love-gushing presence
And return my lost pure essence

by Gerald Brilliant Mtetwa

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