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Waiting On A Change
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Waiting On A Change


I'm waiting on a change
Change in life
Things I used to be
I'm putting them away

Ready for a whole new life
A whole new me
The pain still stays
Cause it will not leave

All the words I have said
I didn't think they meant a thing
But they just got me deeper in trouble
The words said to me and about me has replayed over and over again

Won't ever forget them
They were harsh
I just bit my tongue and looked away
With tears in my eyes

I was pretending to be okay
When I was just torn apart deep inside
I want this life to change
No friends who I can trust

No one to call my own
The only thing I have is myself
Wishing this pain would die away
Hoping soon I can free myself from this

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