Waiting On The World To Be

Poem By Kathryn Marie Thurman

Back in the good old days,
it was all about the 'happily ever after'.
Now there are no sunny rays,
but only judgmental laughter.

Things we do, and like, and say,
make us who we are each day.
We choose and take chances,
either we turn out broke or with high money balances.

We have to respect the different paths people take,
because if we dont then were just fake.
This world just needs to sit and take a break,
worry about world hunger and not about race.

The different cultures need to embrace,
and the different classes need to start to partake.
There is so much we can learn from one another,
but all we do is dislike each other.

From being black, brown or white or any color inbetween,
it shouldn't matter, it should all be sub-seen.
I don't know how people could treat others with anger and racist thoughts,
can't they see it makes people distraught?

Love is all we need,
and that is what im waiting on the world to be.

Comments about Waiting On The World To Be

beautiful message beautifully delivered! Keep writing! Athena *** words will change the world ***
Only Love has that power and that is all we need.. Great message beautifully told... Keep doing the good work... Kamran
Amen to that! Great message, well delivered. Regards, Leria

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