Waiting, Still Waiting

I had waited for you for so long, my love.
Now I find myself waiting even longer.
It isn't your fault that you aren't here with me
and I love you enough to wait a lifetime for you.
Tonight there were little rabbits sitting in our driveway.
Maybe they were waiting, watching for you,
but you didn't come home and it's late. They must be sleeping now.
You have been gone for over a year now.
Sometimes it amazes me that the birds still sing
and time still goes on. It's as though you never left at all.
I have you here with me, tucked safely away in my heart.
I hold you in my dreams
as my tears fall on your face, that really isn't there.
Just my imagination, so wild, so vivid at times.
Soon my love, I'll come and get you,
and bring you home with me.
I'll love you and cherish you forever,
and do my best to make all your dreams come true.

by Debbie Baldesberger

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