CLM ([2-6-93] / Charlotte, North Carolina)

Waiting Till It's Too Late

I can't breathe without you beside me,
Is there something left to be?
I can't stand it without you here,
Is there something that I should fear?

Hours pass by, no sight of you,
Have you left? , what do I do?
Can I continue on, while you are gone?
How do I know? , what's there to show?

Waiting here silently, waiting your arrival
This has become a game, to test death or survival.
These empty blankets, no arms to hold me,
All these lies, just can't seem to be.

Memories of me holding you, I cry myself to sleep,
My heart begins to fade, my skin begins to creep.
My soul grows to loneliness, and begin to crumble,
I can't hear anything, from this rumble.

These walls hold no peace anymore, nothing is left to hide
No life to have, there's nothing left inside.
No breath left in me, I begin to choke,
I can't breathe anymore, there is no hope.

Falling to the ground, another single shot hurts more,
Blood rushes out, as my hearts been tore.
Faces reflect back to me, as past reminders hate,
I'm sorry, but you've come to late.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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