Waiting To Inhale

Every morn I wake up with a giant wail
cause Dear Lord...this gal...is WAITING TO INHALE!?!?!?
WAITING TO INHALE --- Lord knows what ???!!!
I swear... I'm not just another...psychotic nut...
just like everyone else "out there"
wondering why on earth should I care???
But maybe...just maybe...I am a high-functioning psychotic???
What's so wrong with that???!!!
I work ... I pay my bills...
I put up with other's trivial ills...
I make it to the corner market and back
and I try to cut some slack
with that incestant internal chatter
that echoes---What's the matter? What does it matter?
I then laugh and exclaim---
Nothing!!! I'm just borderline insane!!!!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Do you like my little tale of woe?
What else would you like to know?
Yes...I do go to bed with a giant wail
cause this gal is still WAITING TO INHALE!!!

by Micheline Birger

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