WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up
Written by Wilfred Mellers
May 14,2014

As slow as molasses time passes
At a snail pace the rat race
Soon come for some
High in the sky metal birds fly

Knees weaken as anxieties deepen
Words unexpressed and over-stressed
Thoughts compressed foes undressed
Relief in sight does excite

Traveled from here to there
Thoughts I share for I do care
Restless mind to unwind
Quest unfruitful by the spoonful

Dogs in the night I fight to the devil's delight
Saw the moonlight in plain eyesight
Waves to the shore to explore no more
Cooler breeze does, please
So extreme so wake me from this dream

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An interesting and nicely written poem! Enjoyed!
dream is there as it is and I traveled from here to there, very fine, Please read my poems andsay something.