Wake Of Suicide

Inadvertantly stepping into an abyss of sorrow, landing in
a pool of tears.

Reaching up to grasp a hand, finding no one there, being
alone in this deepest pain and despair.

Looking about, seeing blackness and discouragement every-
where, there is no bleaker place than in the chambers of
the past.

Pasted over with papers of every shade of gray, no writing
to be seen, just the shadowy images of abuse straying
dangerously close to a mind, grabbing hold, plunging this
lonely soul further from the shores than ever before.

Tantamount to ever-increasing lime pools, filling with
amnesia, cannot hope to conquer this vast wasteland of
sorrow found within.

Heart breaking so gently in two, resigned to this new
life of gloom, standing here before these eyes in disarry-
ment and no glory.

Whatever befalls from this second on cannot account for
it's accuracy or truth as sinking below bitter depths,
causing suicide in the wake of nothing better this side of

(7: 27 p.m. - 7/7/95)

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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