Wake Up!

Wake up! Consider God’s written word
Against what churches preach
Things, from your leaders you have heard
Churches God’s flock would teach

You yourself need God’s word to read... Gen.-Rev...
Check out what churches tell
Do they truly sow Life’s living Seed? Mt.13
Truths from Salvation’s Well Isa.12: 3

Consider what your soul’s eating
From whose cup you drink
Is your venture life defeating
Does life teach not to think?

What you think, what you say or do
What way, path, road you choose
Responsible for you, is you!
If you win in life or loose

There are many worship places
Many, truths will proclaim
With passion, fervour, love’s graces
Even in Jesus’ name

Let’s scrutinize God’s word my friend
Ponder what churches say
Which does God’s written word defend?
Are both! Salvation’s Way?

To life, there’s only one Way true
One God, for us who’d die
One Saviour who truly loves you
Who lives for you and I

So He’s calling souls to ponder
All spoken in His name
Before judgement not far yonder
Leads to Heaven or hell’s flame…..

by Michael P. Johnson

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