Wake Up!

Wake up! slumbering eyes.
Engulfed in darkness of night.
Wake up! just open your eyes.
I'll show you dream in daylight.

by Md. Asadullah Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Nice poem
try and see beyond the stars who knows dream may be real and reality just an illusion
Dreams are dreams, for a common man like if is true it's a game of probability. However, dreams of prophets are always true.
@ Valsa George and @ Aftab Alam truly said......... beautiful write bhai.....
Sometimes dreams can be real and reality- an illusion! What a strange paradox! Indeed a profound write!
A call to awake..Its duty to awake the people if they don't it is upto them a peot has done his duty very nice bhai
Wake up, try and look far as you can, try and see far beyond stars. Really a great work with great feeling. Nice on sharing.