(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Wake Up, Baby

Did you think that yesterdays,
Were coming back to be relived?
Without witnessing everyday...
Dismissing what each day brings and gives.

Did you believe that sitting,
Wishing for a time gone and passed...
Would actually make a difference,
If you held on...
Wanting those moments to always last.

As the sands of time,
Quickly slipped...
Through an hour glass!

Did you think that yesterdays,
Were yours alone to keep?
As you tossed and turn with hopes...
Losing more than just your sleep!

Did you wish for a season,
That came...
Never to go away?

Wake up, baby...
From your spell!
Catching up with reality...
Is a choice you should choose.
Than to dwell in your own created hell,
To lose your mind today.

You will not be receiving any interest,
From that kind of deposit!
These times are not on hold,
For that kind of mind!

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