JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

Wake Up Call

Do not throw your life for nothing,
Do not hurt your spirit,
Do not harm your being,
Your wholeness;
Do not neglect to love
Yourself and others,
Do not permit anyone to
Use you for bad and play with it;
Do not allow evil to destroy
You and deceive you.

Be affectionate to yourself
And compassionate to others.
Let love moves you for good things,
let it roll on for something beautiful.
Listen to your conscience,
The voice of your spirit;
Be sensitive to your senses, your being.

The beauty and good things inside you.
Give attention to the deepest
Source of your existence,
Choose God to direct you, for you
To realize the value of life journey.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
16 January 2006
4: 43 PM

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