MS (The Twenty-Seventh of January / I was Born in Tuscon Then I moved to Phoenix)

Wake Up Makayla

It's time to wake up
Mother is not coming home
No matter what they say
She didn't want you
That's why you are were you are
Makayla, please wake up
I know you want your mother
But she doesn't want you
She gave you away
Remember how she treated you
Please Makayla just Wake up
This is not a dream
Your mother is a monster
Look how she treated you
Please Just wake up

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Comments (4)

awww how sad the truth tends to be
This poem was 3 was funny, sad, and well written hahahaaha sorry about your mummy......inspirational to your self wake up......move on with your life...good write..... It also teach matter what happens in life.... we must keep on living.....hehehe sorry,
I like it because it shows you can never let go of family completely
it's hard to wake up from the life you've lived or to hate someone that you love no matter what they do or have done great poem 110% No Reason To Care