Wake Up Mommy I Need To Grow Up

Poem By Jeannette Gregory

Wake up Mommy
I need to learn how to tie my shoes
And if daddy comes, I promise not to show him the bruise.
I promise not to wet the bed tonight
Remember when you said that you would teach me how to color and write?

There is a needle lying next to you
It doesn’t look like the one that grandma used..
when she patched my pants and shirt?
Wake up Mommy.
Are you sure that you’re not hurt?

Sam said his Mommy reads a story to him at night. Derek said his daddy spanks him when he’s wrong but he gets candy when he’s right.
I want to learn my ABC’s,
Mommy listen, I can count to three.

Wake up Mommy
I want to look at Sesame Street
Can I dress up like Barney and go “trick or treat? ”

I want to put on a uniform and play T-ball
It would be so good if I can hold your hand as we walk through the mall
Please wake up and give me a big hug
The lady next door said I’m going to be a thug.
Mommy, I’m scared and I don’t know what to do.
Mommy, wake up so I can tell you that I Love You

Comments about Wake Up Mommy I Need To Grow Up

Sad state of the world. Very well written Jeannette. Sincerely, Mary

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