Wake Up. Snap Out Of It!

A meeting was conducted,
To reconcile from any indifferences created.

It was agreed that a clean slate,
Freed of conflicting debates...
Would initiate comprehension.
And welcome understanding of those involved.

What did she do?
And what is her name? '

Hold on.
I am not through.
Don't be rude.

A confrontation was expected.
And the one who had agreed to meet...
Came prepared for a confrontation to greet.
And when it was apparently not on the agenda...
An intention to start one began.
And any peace then in the room had to surrender.

'And 'she' gloated,
Didn't she?
I bet she did! '

How do you know it was a woman?

'Who called the meeting to end indifferences?
You? '


'Who introduced conflict in the first place?
You? '

I was the one who tried to get it resolved.
I had grown tired of the bickering.

'And others were there to witness this? '


'She wanted to see you defeated!
That's how women are.
If you are not sleeping with them.
OR doing the 'hanky panky'...
Forget it!
She came to ensure you would be victimized.'

That's that fair.
You shouldn't generalize like that!

'Wake up.
Snap out of it!

I bet she hasn't changed at all.
And here you are defending the right,
To be thrown under the bus.
Trust me...
She set out to see you accused and defamed.

Would you like to get a prescription of morphine?
You definitely need 'something' for that self infliction.
Leave women like that alone.
Restrict them to limits when dealing with them.'

I must say this...
Not 'all' women are vindictive.
Only those who have been caught in lies.
And seek to use charm to undo their misdeeds.
Men can be like that too.
But women seem to be professional at it!

I want to make this clear.
This is my 'opinion' based upon 'my' experiences.
I love women. I do.
But getting the ones I've known to admit their deceptions,
Is like re-inventing the wheel to produce a totally new concept.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Yikes! You know why cannibals don't even divorced women - too bitter.