CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)

Wakeing The Godess

You say this year, Citrons are not as sweet
But I know of thy other fruits to eat
Strawberries, Elderberries, Honeydew,
Have you not Grapes and Pomegranates too?
With Oranges fermenting vintage wines;
While unplucked Cherries cling to arbor vines,
So like a Serpent, shall you render still
To part my lips, my mouth of fruits to fill
Cumquats and apricots—a syrup stew
Sticky fingers, honeyed hearts, kissing you
You lull me past your gates with chamomile
Hand me a fresh-squeezed cocktail and smile
You’ve drizzled creamy thoughts of paradise
And make me shiver with each cube of ice
Richanne Myers wrote:
thank you baby.....

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