Waking Sleep

Opal shadows follow dawn
across a light and fallow morn.
Curtains drift on blossom scented air
as light seeps through a stifled stare.

Where did I go as sleep beguiled
what did I keep and seek to hide.
Thoughts persist in new born light
still clinging from the forlorn night.

Waking senses knock on doors
of a mind that looks for more.
Clarity all pervasive found
behind all present invasive sound.

Golden sunlight bursts through clouds
penetrates through darkest shrouds.
Mind a lake of waters still
where I find the answers that fulfil.

Morning has a special charm
as does dusk enfold like lovers arms.
And in between I dream
all that I have ever seen.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

Lovely poem that held and transported me through its beautiful words and lines. An excellent write and a real pleasure to read. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Beautiful musing, you capture the mood perfectly David. HG: -) xx