Waking Up

As though I have woken,
From a long-lasting dream,
Things are not,
At all what they seem.

Deep sleep was deceiving,
Nothing was real,
Now I’ve woken up,
It all seems so surreal.

How could this escape me?
All this reality?
How could I not notice?
Two plus one is three?

But now I’ve come to realize,
As dawn begins to break,
That everyone else is sleeping,
It’s me who is awake.

And so as they sleep,
I’ll take a little time,
To get used to things,
Having no reason or rhyme.

And perchance a time shall come,
A time so very new,
Where all things are different,
The world shall wake up too.

We’ll all be here together,
In this undreamlike state,
Until that time does come,
I shall just have to wait.

by Aisha Sherazi

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