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Mistaken For Her
MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

Mistaken For Her

Poem By Robert Rorabeck

At first light I just lay there
listening to the ringing in my ears
pain running through my bones
like rats
out on a hunting foray
so I let it go
its leaving benison for me
a breath that filled
my cluttered lungs
with fresh sweet air
and opened
all the petals of my heart
and through the flickers of my sight
the energy shone through
and I am grateful
for the daily taste of Life
that floods my mouth
my senses,
then satisfies my soul
that gives me nourishment
and strength
so I move on.

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Wonder sustenance, this poem is MC! We must get our fix, to keep moving on. you need vitamin k in that title! Your poem reminds me of energising through Tai Chi breathing, visualising such healing light, given from your souce, is exactly the same, from this distance. Smiling at you Tai