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Waking With Bee
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Waking With Bee

Birdsong through the silence, daylight on the ceiling
As dawn breaks and enters, steals in with a sweep
I stir and awake to the sound of your breathing
And wait for sun’s fingers to shake you from sleep.

I reach out to touch you, my beautiful lover
To know that you’re there, to know this is true.
For I don’t understand, and may never discover,
How someone like me has moved someone like you.

You murmur, you move, pull my head to your breast
And with joy I embrace you my sweet turtledove.
I hear your heart beating, strong, deep in your chest
While my own heart responds in a tattoo of love.

As you shake off your slumber, come fully awake
Our lips find each others, and our passion grows.
Until clinging together sweet loving we make,
And then spent we lie basking in sated repose.

Our day has begun in the best way it can
And I give thanks to God up above
That forever and always will I be the man
Whose presence fills your heart with love.

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